Monday, May 26, 2008

The Samosa Factory

The Samosa Factory is a relatively new store that has opened in Anna Nagar. Its a little - and I mean tiny - desk! on the sidewalk.

You order something and they have it pre-packaged in little bags. If they're out, the lady at the desk, runs upstairs (where the kitchen is) and brings some down - hot, fresh fabulous mini samosas. You could alternatively eat there, and they have a microwave to heat it up for you!

They have 4 kinds - Indian, Chinese, Potato and Jain. I really like the Chinese - its unique (carrot, beans, potatoes, cabbage sauteed in a chilli-soy sauce. The Indian and Potato ones are almost identical (the lady wasn't too sure either what the difference was). And the Jain...well, its a Jain samosa (no root vegetables - onion, garlic, potato...).

You get a package of 12 mini samosas for Rs. 20. I thought that was extremely reasonable. And it was delicious. Perfect to pick-up as appetizers for a last-minute party!

Address and phone numbers on their website.


I just realized this was my 100th post. Damn - I'm really impressed with myself - I stuck it out for 2 years and now I've done 100 posts on Chennai! Not bad, huh?

I want to thank my friends for visiting here and following this blog. I've really enjoyed it and hope to keep going. There are lots of changes to Chennai everyday and I enjoy blogging about it. Hope to see all of you visit often...

Cheers! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bay Leaf

For the best Kathi Rolls in Chennai, try Bay Leaf. They have a huge menu with north Indian, Bengali and Chinese food, but their Kathi Rolls are really superb.

If you like paneer, try the Achari Paneer Roll. And the mutton and chicken egg rolls are also supposedly superb.

The restaurant is pretty old - they did close down for a few months, but are back up and running now. They have a simple restaurant with modest decor and clean tables - but I always end up doing take-out/ delivery.

Give it a try. Its really the best kathi rolls I've had in Chennai (ok maybe tied with Tic Tac).

Bay Leaf

+91 44 28114558
+91 44 28114557

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Cochin - who would guess? It is so beautiful. This is my first time there and I was blown away at how lovely the city is. These are photos of the Docks, and where the Vembanad Lake meets the Arabian Sea. We even managed to see dolphins! :)