Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wanna Zyng?

Zyng Asian Grill at Chennai Citi Center is quite a revolution to restaurants in Chennai. They have a mongolian-bbq-style counter where you basically pick your sauces, veggies and spices and they cook it for you at the counter.

Studying in Ann Arbor, BD's Mongolian Barbecue a favorite restaurant. I absolutely loved creating my own lunch/dinner. I've looked for a similar kind of place all over the US - and though there are several along the same lines, they dont come close to the quality of the original in Ann Arbor.

Zyng doesn't come close either but I still feel we need to send up a cheer for Chennai. Atleast they are trying. The one dish that stands out in the menu is the cold sesame peanut noodles. Its delicious. The rest of the stuff is pretty average and I have a vague feeling that the same sauce is used for several dishes. They nice part is anything on the menu can be made vegetarian and all the sauces, broths etc are 100% vegetarian.

I had the Asian Market Veggie Bowl with Shanghai Noodles. Both weren't what I expected and didn't hold my attention for long. The potstickers are tough and the Mu-Shu lettuce wraps are alright - though I am highly suspicious of the origins and cleanliness of the lettuce. The sauce was not really mu-shu and the vegetables weren't even cut in the mu-shu style.

Overall, a little disappointing. But I'm gonna hope that they get better with time. I'd go back for the cold noodles though!


yum said...

Ive been to BD's in Michigan too! It was a really cool experience. Nothing like it.

Arundathi said...

Mmmm Miss BD's! Wish they would franchise in India! :D

Nandita said...

Hey Arundhati, I love it here, especially because I have recently got to know Chennai and love it...since over 2 years after getting married to a Chennai born and bred guy...

The Benjarong you mentioned is a hot favourite...have you been to Aqua the roof top - poolside lounge restaurant over the PArk? It is one the best places as regards Ambience that I have seen in any city...a reservation can get you one of the best cots to laze and eat...super service...I tried leaving a comment on your blog as soon as I saw this post but then there was some snag!

Im a regular here!

Arundathi said...

Hi Nandita:
I love your blog too. Thanks for stopping by. I've been to Aqua several times and love the lazy dinners!
Do you visit Chennai often? I guess you're based in Mumbai right? I love Swati Snacks there - what fantastic Panki...mmmmm! :)

Nandita said...

My in laws live in Adyar, so we do drop by often...I love the slow (compared to Bombay) pace of the city, the filter coffee and the malli poo fragrance, the women putting podi -kolam early morning...and the best part is the HUGGGGE houses - when Im at home in chennai climbing up from the ground floor to the first a few dozen times gives me all the exercise I need for the day...

As ive commented elsewhere, would love to catch up next time I'm there...My other favourite in Chennai is the cheetinad place Karaikudi, it was my first experience with chettinad food and boy I was licking my plate off! I haven't roamed around the mean streets of T Nagar etc though, hubby is more into the pubs and food places :) and I wouldn't wanna tire out MIL walking around the crowded streets...and its no fun doing it alone, is it?

Swati snacks is good, almost in town, 45 min away from us...there's Soam- another similar traditional eating spot near Chowpatty.

Raaga said...

The Noodle Bar that I've been to in several cities gives you the option of noodles and ingredients so you make your own meal... rarely eat out in Chennai because my visits are for a day or two only... and I dig Amma's cooking... make demands on Konkani and Iyengar food... :)
And where's this Swati Snacks? Tardeo? I've been to one in Tardeo, JD Road, I think... very often.