Saturday, April 21, 2007


Okay not sure if weirdness is a word but I had a crazy moment of weirdness today. Someone dropped off three movies to watch this weekend - one was The Californians, another was a School for Scoundrels and the third was the complete 1st season of Showtime's Weeds.

So first I watched The Californians - it was a brainless movie and I was in the mood for nothing thought-provoking. I'd never heard of this one, but I was prepared to be entertained. It wasn't bad. Totally non-thought-provoking. Anyways, the last song in the movie was sung by one of the actors called Tic Tac. It was quite amusing since I'd never heard of it and its quite a funny song.

Then I put on Weeds. Thats when the weirdness happened. The title song for Weeds is Tic Tac!!! Whats with that?! Has this happened to anyone? - it was too much of a coincidence to be called a coincidence. What do you guys think? I'm still feeling weirded out about it. Hmmm


Sig said...

That is weird, but if the School of Scoundrels had the same song in it, that would have been just plain scary :) .

Welcome back Arundathi, missed you!

Sia's Corner said...

ah!!! i second sig... i too thought the same:)
good to see u posting again:)