Saturday, February 23, 2008


Landmark used to be a little haven for book enthusiasts. I remember going to the Nungambakkam High Road Landmark underground and just browsing through tons of books on the shelves and tons of magazines on the racks. Everything was neatly organized and they always had a great collection.

Then they added a CDs and DVDs section. That was alright. It was almost expected that they would naturally extend their reach to music and movies. Then they added a stationery section. Hmmm. Then a toys section. Then a knick knacks section. And I mean knick knacks. The teenager stuff like plastic flowers and hearts on little glass vases. That really put an end to my enjoyment of Landmark. I now officially dislike going there.

I had to today to buy some kids books and wrapping paper. Everything was so difficult. The books were stacked everywhere, on the floor, falling off shelves, still in bins. I could see a few books but there was no way I would be able to actually find a book by myself without asking for assistance. (I did ask four different people for assistance repeatedly before one guy just told me that its not available and he doesn't know if he can order it or not).

Then I went to the wrapping paper section. It was terrible. Half the papers were torn, most were hanging off the wall, and some were crumpled and badly worn. I had to juggle my books while I tried to find a few that seemed new!

Sigh. There goes another Chennai Landmark! No pun intended.


PO said...

it's a good business move on their part, I'd say. The last time I went there, it was crowded. Way too many people!!

I guess we need a B&N store in Chennai!!

Arundathi said...

@ PO - yes I agree that its a great move on their part - definitely get a lot more people. But I'd love to have a calm browsing experience. Yes, B&N or a Borders would be great! sigh! Or even if they moved to a bigger place and organized themselves better...