Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saving Lives

Going to the Apollo Main Hospital is like going to a railway station. Its absolutely crowded and smelly and hot.

First you walk through these main doors that have a security scan (like in an airport). Everyone just walks through. The machine is beeping like crazy, but no one cares, not even the security guard who is stationed at the scanner!

And you enter mayhem. There's no better way to describe it. There are people everywhere. Sitting on chairs, sitting on the floor, leaning on walls, walking, standing - just everywhere. And the noise level is tremendous. Are hospitals supposed to be quiet zones?

I went upstairs where there's a long room filled with row upon row of chairs and people everywhere again. Patients being wheeled around, children crying, people everywhere talking loudly. And there's signs everywhere saying Quiet Zone - Please do not disturb the Patients. What?

A nurse first saw me and her lethargy was just unbelievable. She looked most disgruntled and irritated that she had to do this. And grunted as she asked questions. While she was questioning me, a lady came in and looked like she was going to faint - she asked if there was somewhere she could lie down because she was in so much pain. The lady looked at her and said "There's no place like that, Sorry". The poor girl went away.

And then I tried to find a seat. There were about 75 people in a 200 sq ft space. And lots of people don't wear deodorant. And they were loud. And there were absolutely no seats free, so I stood for about 2 1/2 hours waiting for the doctor, who was in surgery. No one offered me a seat. Infact no one offered anyone a seat. There were pregnant ladies, ladies holding infants, old ladies and gentlemen. Even a man holding a cane, but no one offered anyone a seat at all.

I had to go to the restroom and it was just plain scary. Why are public restrooms always wet and smelly? Sorry to be so graphic! But really, in a hospital, wouldn't you expect hygienic restrooms?

I thought it was very cool that they offered translators in 37 different languages. And here I have to say, that's what gave away how popular the hospital is. There are people traveling from all over the world to visit doctors here. And that's pretty cool. Wouldn't it be nice if they came to a haven rather than a train station?

The thing is that I wouldn't go anywhere else in Chennai. Or India for that matter. I love love love my doctor. And they have some of the best doctors consulting there. They offer care and expertise that are not found in most places in the rest of India. They are the leaders in the health care industry. So I will keep going back.

But let's be clear, I go back because of my doctor and because I can rely on the best care given. I'm not so sure about cleanliness.


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