Wednesday, February 21, 2007

India: Fired up on Chillies!

Recently India entered the Guinness Book of Records with the World's hottest chilli, Bhut Jolokia! Apparently Bhut Jolokia means Ghost Chilli because the person who eats the chilli gives up his ghost!

Not sure why, but I feel inordinately proud! I guess it stems from watching people eat Jalapenos (apprently only 10,000 on the Scoville heat units compared to the Bhut which is 1 million plus!!) and Bird's eye yellow chillies and exclaim that it was the hottest thing in the world and nothing can top that. I would eat the same thing, and say, "there must be something hotter in India". And now I am right. And India has shown the world!

(photo taken from here)



Sia's corner said...

ha ha arundathi... do u know which chilli is the hottest one? we have this chilli called as ghandari menasu(in kannada) which is just a centimeter long but can give complex to any chillies. its hotter than hell.
will try to comeup with spicy dish but donno whether my hubby will be ready to eat this(my guinea pig;)

Sia's corner said...

after saree post here u have chilli post... i am waiting for ur next post now:)

Arundathi said...

Hi Sia!
I do hope you can come up with a recipe - you might just get the cookbook! lol!
This Indian chilli is called Ghost Chilli or Bhut Jolokia and comes from Assam. Apparently called that because you give up the ghost when you eat it! haha!! hilarious! I'm with your husband - not sure if I can eat that chilli, but happy to try anything else.
Oops - better add an end date to this contest...

TS said...

H Arundhati...Came here through dining hall blog...hmmm...chilies, eh? I love them...but not too much...will see if I can come up with a recipe. Liked the sari post as well.


Arundathi said...

Hi Trupti:
Glad you stopped by! The chillies event doesn't seem to be very popular! lol! i guess most people don't eat very spicy food! maybe I'll just change this to a food photography contest on chillies - might be easier for everyone!
Check back soon!

Sandeepa said...

Good event. But if all of us send you the "hot" chilli dishes and you make them, its going to be hard on you eating them :)
I use Green Chillies in almost all my cooking, practically all, only if its also for my daughter I add the green chillis at the very end.

Arundathi said...

hey guys - i'm scrapping this competition - sandeepa's right - cant possibly eat so many chilli dishes!! oh well - the thought was good!!

Vini K said...

Hi Arundathi,(BTW,love that name)came here thru Dining Hall.and glad I have a very interesting blog.will keep coming back for more.Loved your post about the sarees..gave me a good laugh:).

Read about the Ghost chillies just two or three weeks ago in an online magazine..hmm.quite interesting.My tongue cannot tolerate the simplest of chillies,I cannot even dream of touching this ghost chilli(if ever I get a chance to,that is),let alone taste it!ha ha ha

Arundathi said...

Hi Vini K
Thanks for the compliments on the name - it was tough when I was in the US, but thanks to Arundhati Roy more people are aware of the pronounciation now!
I wouldn't be able to eat that chilli either! But nice knowing that its Indian! :)