Tuesday, February 27, 2007

National Geographic

This is an amazing photo...take a look

look closer and you will see that the white lines are the camels (the photo is taken directly from above) and the black is just the long shadows.


Sig said...

Wow, what an amazing picture!

Sia's corner said...

i have got this pic as forward:) i have saved it n my laptop as i have a habit of deleting forwards:) hats off to the photographer. its one of the best snaps i have ever seen...

Arundathi said...

@ Sig: Yes, Isn't it?

@ Sia's Corner: I got it as a fwd too. Loved it though and wanted it somewhere permanent before deleting the email!

Sangeetha said...

hi arundathi,

have been viewing ur blog quite regularly, but never commented. sorry about that. u have a great blog. have read all ur reviews about all those restaurants too with great interest.

this is definitely a fantastic photo. thanks for posting. wow.


Arundathi said...

Hi Sangeetha - thanks for stopping by and for the compliments!
Yup - love the photo - amazing!