Monday, April 14, 2008

Tangerine: Restaurant Review

Though this restaurant is right around the corner from us, we never managed to make it there for a while. This past weekend, we finally drove by and decided to stop for lunch. The decor is very stark and not a lot of fuss. The restaurant is known for its sizzlers, and sure enough, they had a menu that boasted about 15-20 kinds of sizzlers.

We ordered some bruschetta with garlic bread and crab bisque for our appetizers. The bruschetta was fabulous. Tomatoes were fresh and there was just a hint of basil and the garlic bread alone might get us to come back to this restaurant. My husband didn't enjoy his bisque at all.

For our entrees, I ordered a vegetarian Creole sizzler which wasn't pretty to look at but quite tasty. It didn't taste of anything Creole, but overall was still good.

At about Rs.100/ a head, I thought it was a good deal for a quick lunch. Not bad for a restaurant around the corner.

5, Murray's Gate Road,
Phone: (044) 42038800


Raaga said...

I love this place... haven't been there in some 4 years... but what I remember of it is nice... esp the lemon cheesecake!!

Arundathi said...

oh noooo didnt have dessert - now i have to go back for the cheesecake ;)

TBC said...

Your Chennai posts make me miss the place so much! I lived there for a very short duration but kept visting my parents a lot.

Arundathi said...

tbc - do let us know when you visit next! :)

Krishnan said...

Hi Arundathi,
That was a nice little review. I've been to the place once as well (for a friend's birthday party). Found it a nice, clean and quite place to be in.

Liked the food as well. We had a 3 course meal

Do try out a multi course meal and post your reviews. Would be interesting to know the feedback from your hus and kid as well. Would add more variety to the blog. :)