Saturday, June 02, 2007

Andy Wickett

Whom, you may ask, is Andy Wickett? Well, he's an animation specialist. He was also one of the guitarists in Duran Duran. Now, Duran Duran was by far my most favorite music group growing up (well, Duran Duran and the Doors). I knew all their names, their lives and read everything and listened to everything about them and by them. I loved Duran Duran. I still love their music - especially their early stuff like Hungry Like The Wolf and Wild Boys and Planet Earth. I knew all the words and I could even reel off the ir inspiration for each song!

Andy was definitely not the most well-known of the group, taking a back seat to Simon Le Bon (the lead singer) and John Taylor (the other guitarist). Anyhoo, Andy was in Chennai recently to do two solo performances at the Park hotel. Of course, I figured it was gonna be an evening of Duran Duran nostalgia and so I quickly purchased tickets.

The ambience was lovely - at Aqua, by the poolside. The food was super and there was so much that we were quite stuffed. We had a cabana all to ourselves, where we could recline on the cushions. I was all set to listen to old memories. Well, Andy didn't play or sing a SINGLE song from Duran Duran. He also didn't play or sing a SINGLE song I'd heard before. I think it was mostly his own creations.

The poor chap was sweating from the heat, singing to a crowd that was extremely disappointed there was nothing familiar, in between drinking swigs of Kingfisher beer and smoking his "last cigarette" (in his words). He must've played for about an hour. And it was over. Sigh. Very very disappointing. I had to come home and listen to an old CD of Duran Duran because I had been so looking forward to it!

A very nice evening otherwise - the ambience, company, food - except for the music and of course, the ever-present heat. Well, Andy, I wish you lots of luck in your animation career.


D.I.W. said...

I was about to post in my blog about the Andy Wickett "concert" last night, but you've captured it perfectly -- the Park Hotel threw a hell of a party and Andy Wickett was OK.

It seemed like false advertising that there was just one Duran Duran song given that the title of the show was "Come Undone with Andy Wickett". However, after a few drinks and a bunch of great food I would go back again if the Park threw another rooftop concert.

Given the photos you have on your blog I think we were seated directly to the right of you.

My wife and I are new to Chennai so I am looking forward to reading about your dining out suggestions.

Arundathi said...

@ DIW - oh yes i remember you well. how is the burn from the lamp? hope it wasnt bad! Yes I would definitely go back for another concert but maybe not for an Andy Wickett encore!
Was there a DD song? I dont remember it. Was excited when he said he was gonna play Girls on Film until he changed the lyrics and it turned out to be nothing like the original. But yes, the food was very good! If you need any other recommendations of things to do in Chennai and beyond, I'd be happy to help...Welcome to Chennai!

Nandita said...

Hey am i happy to see Aqua on your blog, one of my favourite hangouts in Chennai, I go early to catch the best 'beds'

Arundathi said...

nandita - yes, definitely one of my favorite places too. love the ambience - and the pool is a great touch!

Anonymous said...

Andy Wickett wrote Girls on Film when he was in the band. Those are the original lyrics.
He was ripped off by the band

Arundathi said...

o really? didnt know that!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true.
have you ever listened to his songs. they are brilliant. I don't think you gave him much of a chance at the gig? I think people were expecting Duran to play LOL. This blog is old news now anyway and very biased and narrow minded