Saturday, June 02, 2007


Despite the name, Satsanga is a great little French bistro in Pondicherry. We ventured out there for lunch today (its an easy 2 hour drive along the ECR from Chennai).

The cafe boasts French and Italian food. We stuck to the French. We ordered a mushroom and spinach crepe, some roasted vegetables, chicken in a cream sauce and a chocolate crepe for dessert. The savory crepe was superb - it has been a long time since I had a good crepe after moving back to Chennai, and this was very good. The roasted vegetables were nice but nothing to write home about. My husband loved the chicken and the dessert crepe.

All in all, a very satisfying meal. The staff were pleasant and it was just great to be able to have a cold glass of Foster's at non-five star establishment and really hit the spot this warm afternoon.

13, Bussy Street
Near Law College
Pondicherry Town
Phone: +91-413-224572


Anonymous said...

Satsanga is a beautiful name for "getting together"..what better way with fine food and ambience...lovely!! looks cozy!! enjoy your writings...

Raaga said...

In my time (the 90s) Chez Rendezvous, right next to Satsanga, was the best place in Pondicherry for French food. I've been to both places, and the best ambience though that I found was at a place called La terrace. Do try it next time.

Arundathi said...

@ Anonymous - Yes, I loved the name too. It was definitely cosy and very laid back which was nice. Thanks!

@ Raaga - I've been to Rendezvous too but so many years ago. I barely remember the food - not sure if its still around. Will definitely try terrace next time.

Arch said...

Found you while blog-hopping...great blog you have here.

We've been wanting to go to Satsanga while visiting Pondicherry.

I think next trip..Satsanga would be a definite stop. Thanks for sharing.

Arundathi said...

Arch - nice of you to stop by. I did a quick glance of all your blogs and they're wonderful - will have to spend more serious time going through them - enjoyed it though!
do try satsanga - its quite refreshing!