Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hip Hip Asia

We've been to Hip Asia at the Taj Connemara several times, but last night was the first time we absolutely loved the food. Either the chef has changed or he has started to make stuff that he's comfortable with. The menu has changed and the lovely ambience stays the same. They specialize in most parts of Asian cuisine with parts of their menu devoted to Vietnamese, Malay and Thai food and a separate menu with Teppenyaki specials.

We ordered appetizers recommended by our waiter, who was spot on! He suggested the Lotus Stem Honey Chilli for the vegetarians (ie. me!) which was superb. It was spicy and sweet and crunchy and my phone's camera just doesn't do it justice. It looked orange and red and lovely. We also got some fish and chilli chicken which was much appreciated. I ordered the veitnamese rice paper rolls filled with crunchy vermecelli and vegetables that was also very good.

For our entrees we had teppenyaki fried rice with vegetables and garlic that I always order, and as expected, it was delicious. They are served in small bowls that are meant to be individual portions, but are quite enough for two people. We also ordered some shrimp that my dining companions were left scraping up the sauce.

We were absolutely too stuffed for dessert, but definitely tempted when they rolled out the dessert cart with lots of chocolate stuff that looked delicious. Next time...

Hip Asia
Taj Connemara
Binny Road
Chennai - 600 002
Tel : (91-44) 6600 0000


Zuleika said...

Been dying to go back for more of the prawn with orange sauce and now after reading this just can't wait..yum yum

Arundathi said...

Mmm - been thinking about that lotus stem too...and now we cant do it till July!!

Raaga said...

hmmm. :-)

Check out my blog: you've been tagged!

C_h_i_l_l said...

Yeah looks good. The only I'd hate is getting through the mobile jungle of cars, lorries and autorickshaws( really dangerous), to get to this place. I'll stick to the outskirts sire. I'd prefer a quiet sea kissed lunch here than in the city :)

Arundathi said...

yeah - i'm totally with you. the only is i'd hate to drive 45 minutes to grt just for dinner, so sometimes just gotta eat in the city!