Sunday, January 20, 2008

Antinori at Prego

Last night I had a delightful dinner at Prego, and I wanted to share the experience since I pretty much wrote them off in my previous review.

Prego orchestrated an evening of fine food and wines from the world renowned Italian wine-maker, Antinori. There was an elaborate four course dinner paired with an excellent wine from Antinori. We started off with an amuse bouche of prunes and mushrooms with a sparkling wine that was ever so light. That was followed by an artichoke and black truffle "salad" that was quite lovely. Every single dish was superbly matched with the wine served. We ended the reds with a Tignanello, the most famous of all the Antinori wines. I even sampled the dessert wine, which I'm usually loathe to try. With the coffees and teas came the Grappa. Ah. It was an amazing meal.

Antinori, originally from Tuscanny and Umbria, were the pioneers of the "super Tuscans". They have now expanded beyond Italy and have gone as far as Napa (and have acquired one of my favorite wineries in Napa, Stag's Leap). We met and chatted with Alessia Antinori, one of the three daughters of Piero Antinori, who together manage the family business. She was extremely friendly and filled with great tidbits and information for us amateur wine enthusiasts!

Kudos to Prego for organizing this evening.

If anyone wants details of the wines served, please let me know and I will post it here.


Raaga said...

welcome back... funny my reader updated your blog posts only today and you have 9 posts for January already!!

Arundathi said...

hey hey! good to be back! :) well, since the 9 posts were basically over a period of 24 hours, it might have confused your reader! lol!

somegirl said...

your blogs quite helpful. have lived abroad for the last ten yrs,

might relocate to Chennai soon. did visit Chennai for the first time recently and found it quite liveable for me and husband...but wondering about the kids.... to live longterm ( for 2 yrs)

which school? which neighbourhood? what's withypool? which club? which park? which hospital? which plumber? which electrician? which swimming pool? which funpark indoor and outdoor? etc

Arundathi said...

Somegirl: Wow - thats a lot of Qs. I'm glad you enjoyed Madras - its definitely different, but totally worth it. I guess which plumber/ which hospital/ etc are Qs that only you can answer after you've lived here a bit and tried different things.
Like any other city you relocate to, you get to discover the city and the way things work and what works for you and what doesn't. I hope the move is good and lots of luck! if you need any more answers, let me know...