Friday, January 18, 2008

Ratna Stores

THE place to go in Chennai to buy anything stainless-steel is Ratna Stores in T Nagar. Its 4 floors of absolutely everything. And I mean Everything! I went to buy a simple idli pan and came back armed with stuff I knew I did not need!

The ground floor is filled with every single possible kitchen utensil. And when I say filled, I mean literally from floor to ceiling. Its quite a sight. One floor has all things plastic, one has electronics and so on. It was a fantastic experience. The service is amazing. There are service people everywhere who basically "attach" themselves onto you as you enter the store, and they don't leave your side until you've finished paying and even walk you to your vehicle (since you'll need all the help you can get lugging the large shopping bags!). Every chennai-ite and all visitors must visit just to go through the experience and I know you will find something there that you feel you absolutely must have!


Sampige said...

4 floors!!!!!! Oh my gosh. All my seervarisai came from that store in 88 and it was a one-floor shop with the people who put your names on the pathrums sitting outside :-). Lovely. I am looking forward to Pondy Bazaar and would you know if the sugarcane juice just opposite to them is still around?
Having fun reading your blog.

Arundathi said...

have no idea about the sugarcane vendor! you are in for a real shock if you havent been back since 88. T nagar is so crowded and hustle bustle. I dont even bother trying to go during peak hours because it'll be an hour just to get from point A to point B.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed readng this.


Anonymous said...

My in-laws live in T. Nagar in Chennai and everytime I go to India, I have to visit the Ratna Store. It is simply amazing. The other commenters are right, though. This area is sooooo congested now.

Patricia Josef said...

One of the best shopping I had in Chennai was Super Saravana Stores. I visited the T nagar ranganathan Street store and the other one in chrompet. I bought all the things for my 9 member family. Hope everyone likes it. They got everything in a cheap price, what you want to shop they will have everything in your price range. I shopped for almost 5 hours. I will keep visiting Super saravana stores whenever i come to chennai. Thank you SS.