Friday, January 18, 2008

Kosher Toys

Recently, I went on a toy-buying spree for my daughter. She had outgrown all her toys and I seemed to be forcing a 2-year old to play with rattles and silly caterpillars. Anyways, we went to the toy section at the Landmark in the Chennai Citicenter on RK Salai. They have a cramped little toy section that is quite badly organized - though they do have lots and lots of stuff if you dig deep.

We found the most amusing toy. I decided to get her a little house/kitchen-type set, and was going through the various types. The most common ones were very americanized with fried eggs and hot dogs and fried chicken. The funniest was the Indian veggie version! I guess its for those parents who are not only raising vegetarian children but who don't want the kids to know there is a world out there that is not vegetarian. Take a look. I thought it was very clever!

Here's the Fisher Price version - if you look closely you can see the fried egg and the chicken drumstick:

And here's the veggie version, complete with banana leaf and a thali meal:

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Anonymous said...

Thats intrestng.I really never noticed this!-)