Monday, November 06, 2006


The new Cascade is pretty nice. The decor is alright and the view is great (lots of greenery and a little rock garden on the patio). Its in the new Man Mandir building on Khader Nawaz Khan road.

We had a healthful meal of steamed vegetable dimsum, steamed rice and a really nice, spicy vegetable sizzler. It was all of Rs. 600/- or approx $15 for two. The service was fine, except the waiters couldn't speak English and didn't look like they spoke Hindi or Tamil either. That bothers me - why don't they get people who can actually help you and communicate with you - to wait on you?

We doggy-bagged the left-overs and it was a wonderful surprise that they had vacuum sealed the bags for us. Thats just a great excuse to get take-out next time.

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