Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lunch at Benjarong is really nice. They have an executive lunch menu that is excellent value for money, and the choice is quite varied, from roti-curry to pahd thai to thai-style indian biryani!

The highlight of any meal in Benjarong is the complimentary appetizer called Mein Kam. Its a plate of spinach leaves accompanied by little pots of various fillings - small pieces of lemon, peanuts, onion, red chilli, ginger, flakes of dry roasted coconut and a base paste made of palm sugar. Its much like eating Paan - you fill in the ingredients that you want and fold it and pop it in your mouth. I must say, its delicious!

We ordered the roti-curry, the crispy vegetables with red chilli and sweet basil, chicken in oyster sauce and egg fried rice. It was a little too much but we tend to want to taste a little of several dishes. The roti-curry was very good.

I do recommend the executive lunch menu. Where else can you have a 3 course lunch meal in a upscale restaurant in Chennai for approximately Rs. 300 a head? Its a great deal! For dessert, the Tub Tim Siam (water chestnuts in chilled sweet coconut milk) was super!

At the end of the day though, I prefer Lotus for the food and the ambience. But Benjarong is a close second.

FYI, don't use the restrooms. They are downright atrocious.

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