Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dinner on the Beach

Yes, ON the beach, with the crabs scrambling around your feet, your toes in the sand, the waves about 20 feet away! It was an incredible setting!

Fisherman's Cove has a mediterranean restaurant called Upper Deck which now offers a special dinner on the beach experience. The table is laid out on the beach and there are 2-3 servers standing at a distance who bring your food, course by delicious course. We even had a little bell on our table to summon the server!

We started with cheese and crackers, and went on to a mediterranean appetizer sampler plate - grilled cottage cheese with harissa, mushroom and cheese bruschetta, falafel and hummus with pita, olive tapenade and fresh mozzarella with cherry tomatoes. The harissa was especially good.

After that, we pretty much couldn't eat another bite! But forced ourselves to sample the entrees. The vegetarian plate was skewers of grilled veggies, corn risotto and fusilli with an arrabiata sauce. The veggies were very good but the risotto was downright bad - made from long-grained rice and not arborio (basic mistake!!). The seafood dish was lobster (apparently very good!), shrimp and potato wedges.

This was followed by a dessert plate of brownies, tarts, cakes...They aren't really known for their desserts!!

And I want to add that the service is very good - they were incredibly fast for the fact that they had to run up and down to the restaurant kitchen and back to the beach! Kudos to them. All in all, a fabulous setting for dinner. And if the conversation isn't too interesting, you can always watch the waves that come almost up to your table!

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