Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Patio

To me it signifies lazy afternoons over a long lunch, lots of wine, great bread and excellent food. Its supposedly a French restaurant but they serve pasta and my favorite, asian veggies with a side of rice.

Today we had appetizers of green salad with asparagus and mushrooms, perfect-for-a-rainy-day tomato soup, and um..cream of celery soup (not so good!). Entrees were grilled veggies with a side of herb rice, veggie crepes and cheese and broccoli phyllo
pastries. And lots of good wine. I also recommend the excellent camembert souffle and if you have room for dessert, the chocolate fondant.

Patio is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon with good friends. The service is excellent - accomodating, at-hand but not intrusive and very efficient. The decor is inviting, seating very comfortable. Ok, I'll stop!

Drawbacks - a tad expensive and not everyone likes small portions and/or French food. I do. The sad thing is that they are gonna close soon. As I said not many people in Chennai like that kind of food, and they don't serve kids under 18 (plus side - no noise!)

I've suggested to the maitre d' that they start a weekly wine tasting event or even a full-blown wine appreciation course that might attract people to come to the restaurant. Maybe that way they'll stay open. Its my family's restaurant of choice and I would personally hate to see it closed to make way for another run-of-the-mill restaurant.

n.b. The Patio did close down. Under renovation right now. Make way for an Italian restaurant.

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