Saturday, October 28, 2006


First off, I can't imagine south Indians like Japanese food very much. They are mostly vegetarians who are quite loyal to their own spices - mustard seeds, cumin etc. Japanese food is *very* different. Still we have TWO Japanese restaurants in Chennai. One is Haka Saka on the ECR, which I've yet to go to, but haven't heard good reviews of. The other is Dahlia.

Dahlia has been in the same location for the last 14 years (yes! 14 years! for those of you who are going - No Way was it there when I was in college!). Its located behind Ganpat Hotel at the end of Nungambakkam High Road. And even the decor has remained the same except for a new tv and a fish tank. The tv shows delightful Japanese programs that I thoroughly enjoyed watching while I was there.

The food was delicious! The noodle soup was great as was the fresh tofu with peanut-wasabi sauce. I enjoyed the stir-fried vegetable+udon though my dining companions complained that it could have MSG. And being vegetarian was not a problem - they accomodated special requests (the sweet potato instead of the calamari) and were very hospitable. Everything went down well with all the sake.... :)
Dahlia Rocks!

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