Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Diwali Parties

The city seems to come alive and band together to celebrate Deepavalli. Everyone's in a pleasant mood. A typical party invite says 8-8.30 but people start to arrive at about 10. Dinner is served around midnight. Card tables are set up everywhere and mostly people play with their own sex - ie Girls Tables and Boys Tables. Thats because the boys play at higher stakes and the girls are too "cautious".

Everyone's dressed in their colorful festive wear and everyone takes a mental snapshot of everyone else. I was too naive to think this was true, but after spending much time with the same people, I realize that everyone notices everything! Its amazing! Now, tell me, when there is really only ONE (ok maybe Two) stores for fashionable clothes in Chennai, how can you possibly not be wearing what someone else is? And they do - and pretend not to notice!!

All said and done, the diwali parties are great fun. Playing cards is a riot and everyone is very hospitable and you get great goodie bags to take home! :)

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