Monday, October 02, 2006

Steamed Wontons and Pahd Thai

Granted the wontons were a bit tough and the pahd thai a tad sweet, but Lotus still has the best Thai food in Chennai. Benjarong is a close second though, and they are opening another fast-food Thai at Chennai Citi Center. Hmm Thai fast-food?

Wouldn't mind getting the recipe for the sticky rice pudding though.


Francis said...

Sorry about the wontons and the phad thai being too sweet..your comment is valuable and will certainly get it to your liking the next time you visit us..We'll be launching the new menu by this week so please do check us out and you'll soon find a favourite.

Thank You.

Peter Tseng
Kitchen Executive
Lotus@The Park.che

Arundathi said...

Thanks Francis. Will definitely come and check out the new menu...And did you get my hint on the sticky rice pudding? :)

sam said...

heyya...may i know where LOTUS is located?

Arundathi said...

In the Park Hotel, Nungambakkam Road, Chennai.