Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The much-awaited Kabab Factory

We've been trying to go to the Kabab Factory at the Radisson Hotel in Chennai for approximately a year now! And we finally managed to go last night. Not sure if it was worth a year of waiting.

The restaurant is unique in that you only get to order a thali - a non-vegetarian or vegetarian thali - and the rest is taken care of.

We got about 6 kababs, dal, roti, biryani and a host of chutneys. And though the 4 (+1/2) of us drove together in one car, we might have needed 2 cars to come back!! We were so stuffed that we actually got up and took a walk in the middle of dinner! The only other time I've done that was at French Laundry - and that was because it was a 11-course, 4-hour exquisite French experience.

The kababs were pretty good - I really cant comment having eaten the veggie version - but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Except for the lamb that was sent back twice because it was too tough. Let me see, I got 1 piece of paneer, 2 pieces of babycorn, 1 spinach kabab, and 1 sweet potato kabab. I tell you, it was difficult to walk after that meal. Which leads me to wonder, how many tubs of butter goes into the kababs to make them that rich? :(

Would've been nice to partake of the hookah after the meal, but it was only on display. Not like Off the Hookah... :)

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