Monday, October 16, 2006

Global Chennai

One just cannot complain in Chennai anymore. Some time ago, I really wanted this Shiseido face powder and had it specially brought from the US. The next day while I was in Lifestyle, there in front of me is the Shiseido counter with the same powder as well as other shades suited for Indian skin.

Then I had some really cool baby cups with straws flown. And yes, today I found the same in Lifestyle. AND I love Act II microwave popcorn and found it today in Amma Naana - now, thats nothing exciting - I knew they had it there - but did you know they had it in Indian Masala, Jeera Masala and Green Chillies! Can you imagine how good that popcorn would be?

Everything is available here and indian-ised! Its great!

UPDATE: Just tried to link directly to the Lifestyle website and can't find one. Welcome back to Chennai - a huge Dubai-based store owned by the Landmark group, but no online presence!!

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