Monday, March 12, 2007

Cricket Gods!

The World Cup Cricket has begun! And with it, all the passion, drive and enthusiasm of India has re-ignited. Along with the skepticism and fear! We, in India, are willing to do anything in our power to make sure the Indian team rises over Anyone and Everyone. May they crush those who stand in their way to ultimate victory! :)

In that vein, one Mr. K.R. Ramakrishnan has built a Cricket temple in Chennai! It features Lord Ganesha, holding a cricket ball and bat! His arms go towards the left and right (in order to make sure that both the left-handed and right-handed players are equally blessed). He says that since he has erected this temple, India has been doing extremely well. But what happens when they lose? Where was Ganesha then? Well, the Indian team needs to pray to that Ganesha, and he will come when he feels they need him!

Mr. Ramakrishnan has also given up 101 blessings and prayers for the cricket team and has started to write them in a book!

When Hinduism has a zillion Gods to bless every step of your life, why not the Cricket God? Hey, I'm willing to go pray if that'll ensure India's win! Go Go Dravid!

Photo taken from here...and read more about this here


Sig said...

Cricket God!!!! LOL, only in India, I love our country just for things like this...

Arundathi said...

hee hee atleast there's no dearth of enterprise!

bee ( said...

from the news report:
"Ganesha is an Indian God! Naturally, he will bless only Indian cricketers."

that's insane.

Arundathi said...

this whole thing is insane if you ask me - as with the cricket fever that is taking hold of the country! people have hospitals on speed-dial incase they have heart attacks during India's matches!!