Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Rise of the Under Dogs

Un-friggin-believable! India lost to Bangladesh in their first game today in the World Cup! I, for one, am appalled!! I mean Bangladesh is definitely the best of under dog teams - or should I say those that aren't in the Super 8. But really, Bangladesh?? C'mon, India! I have been rooting for India to get to the Semi-finals (I still think the finals will be between South Africa and Sri Lanka), but looks like they might not make it!

I can't believe we still think of Sachin Tendulkar as a hero in this country. His performance in the past couple of years has been dismal at best. He's made it big in maybe a couple of matches and every single time, the country says "wow thank god Sachin is back in form", only to find him getting out for a single figure the next time! I'm tired of people thinking he's the saving grace! Move on, people. Sehwag, another disappointing performance. And I expected more from Dravid. What's going on, dude?

But the worst performance I've seen so far from a super 8 team was Pakistan today vs. Ireland. On St. Patrick's Day! Woohoo Ireland! Superbly played indeed. Sent Pakistan packing by 3 wickets! That is, Pakistan is out of the world cup! This is definitely a turn-the-tables, edge-of-the-seat type world cup. Can't wait to see Ireland play the West Indies. I'm sure it'll be superb judging by Ireland's performance so far. They might even make it to the top of their group! Happy St. Pat's!

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Anil P said...

Yup, he has dipped for sure. I hope this is just a passing phase.