Sunday, March 04, 2007

Plagiarism by Yahoo! India

I have been shocked by Yahoo! India's lack of respect for proprietal information. Fellow Bloggers have been attacked by Yahoo! where the big corporation has actually lifted content off their blogs, and posted it on the portal without any credit to the source. Incredible! Especially for someone as well-known as Yahoo who doesn't need to do this!

Inji of Ginger and Mango writes:

Yahoo India launched a beta version of their Malayalam (an Indian Language) portal and what do they do to fill their pages? Lift content just straight from small web magazines and blogs without asking a word or adequately compensating for those. What a shame!

Read more about this here. And join the protest.

(Icon credit Sandeepa)


Inji Pennu said...

Thanks Arundhathi :)

സു | Su said...

Thank you :)

Arundathi said...

no problem. happy to put the truth out there...