Monday, March 19, 2007


Indian pizza, like Indian Chinese food, has really nothing to do with the original. Indian chinese has created a niche food group of its own - more Indian than Chinese. For example, the famous American Chop Suey. Now thats neither Chinese nor American, but hey! we love it in India.

Indian pizza is pretty much that. We've put our toppings on it and Indianized it along with the sauce. The big players here are Pizza Hut, Chef Express, Domino's and Pizza Corner. I think the consumer prefers Pizza Hut, but I'm convinced its because of the brand (though it doesn't taste like the original Pizza Hut pizza either).

The one hotel that serves excellent pizza is The Park at their coffee shop, 601. Its an ultra-thin crust, with very little sauce and some exceptional toppings and great stringy cheese. A very close second is Pizza Corner with their spicy pizza sauce and a winner in the Indianized pizza category.

Note: Photos taken from the Chef Express website...


Sia's corner said...

i agree with u:) be it chinese, italian or mexian, all are customised to indian taste bud:) what with paneer pizzas and all:)
never had pizza from 601 but love the one from pizza hut. the worst pizza i had was from pizza corner. it was stale and had bad tummy prob next day:)

Arundathi said...

oh thats sad - i love pizza corner. their sauce and cheese are so much better. try 601 though, very nice. and just found this place in T Nagar called Fresca de la Salvatore which has really fantastic pizza margheritas!

Anonymous said...

ewweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tht is so sick