Monday, March 19, 2007

Rise of the Under Dogs Part Deux

And this time I'm talking about the Indian under-dogs - Sachin and Sehwag whom I basically thought were useless last match, showed that they were worth their place in the Indian team this time around vs. Bermuda. Superb performance by Sachin, Sehwag and Yuvraj. And of course, the fantastic 6 off the last ball from Dravid.

Sachin and Yuvraj were a sight to behold and it was a feast for the Indians who've been starved of 6s and 4s for a while now. Bermuda got badly knocked around. I do hope it was a learning experience. And I do hope they will come back and play next time.

India made a whopping 413 - the highest total in World Cup History. And though we didnt manage to get them out for less that 125, like we should have, it was still quite a beating. Onto the match vs. Sri Lanka fingers x-ed.

In other news, the Pakistan coach died suddenly of "unexplained causes, waiting the autopsy" after their defeat in the match vs. Ireland. And Inzamam has stepped down as Captain. I'm quite sad about both. Inzamam has done a lot for Pakistan cricket, and so has the coach.

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