Friday, March 16, 2007

India in a different light

I have been so caught up in rediscovering India after moving back, that I have quite forgotten how India would be viewed by a non-Indian. Mark Straub, a fellow blogger, has very eloquently shown me India in a different light. The way his posts themselves have evolved over the months - initially his post was how colorful, populated and crazy India is when you first land and take a drive from the airport, to all the inner passion and drive that you find in the country. Amazing blog. Please read if you have the time.

His latest post has this link from YouTube, that again showed me a different India - and what a beautiful video it is. As Mark says

"...shows quite a different angle on this rubik's-cube-of-a-country. It's a beautiful view of the "Invisible Side of India" - a picture you only glimpse today but that you may see all around you if you visit in 10 years..."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful video! That actually made me tear up just a little bit. These days I find that just thinking about India does that to me!
Nice post.

Arundathi said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) It does get one a little emotional!